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Vibrant Yellow Lehenga with Teal Blue Skirt : Premium

Vibrant Yellow Lehenga with Teal Blue Skirt : Premium

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  • Color: Vibrant yellow
  • Sleeves: Puffed, adding volume and a touch of drama
  • Decorations: Adorned with intricate gold beadwork and sequins
  • Patterns: Floral and paisley motifs that add to the visual appeal


  • Color: Teal blue with a sheen, providing a rich contrast to the yellow blouse
  • Design: Layered and flared, creating a voluminous silhouette
  • Texture: Broad horizontal panels with a textured pattern that adds depth
  • Embellishments: Two prominent paisley motifs embellished with gold beadwork and sequins, mirroring the blouse’s design

This lehenga is typically worn on special occasions such as weddings or festivals. Its elaborate decoration and bright colors make it not only a beautiful garment but also a significant cultural symbol. The combination of vibrant colors and detailed workmanship reflects the rich heritage of Indian fashion. The lehenga’s design is both traditional and eye-catching, making it a popular choice for those looking to make a statement at festive events.

Made In India

Material : Semi Silk & Tissue

Cloth Care : Dry Wash Only

Size Chart : Refer to Standards Measurements

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